“Framing Black Pete”

Exhibition 23rd-25th – Workshops and symposium 24th –  Film screening 25th of November

The Graduate School of Social Sciences, New Urban Collective, Amsterdam United and University of Colour are hosting a week with an Exhibition, a Symposium & Workshops and a Documentary pre-screening on the subject of Zwarte Piet: a controversial Dutch tradition, struggling for adjustment.

In recent years, the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition has become increasingly controversial due to the figure of Zwarte Piet. For a lot of Dutch people the festivities are related to warm and sentimental childhood memories, family holidays and a sense of belonging. For a growing group of opponents to the figure of Zwarte Piet however, it brings up memories of a hurtful past of colonialism and slavery. Moreover, it mirrors the still present, yet hidden and institutionalised racism and inequality.

Last year we hosted the symposium: The story of Zwarte Piet on how the tradition could create such a social dichotomy and commotion. With this year’s symposium we are focusing on the public ‘framing’ of Zwarte Piet. We strive to analyse the public debate, the different understandings of the historic origins and multiple interpretations of the figure.

With the event we aim to facilitate dialogue and a deeper understanding of the surrounding uproar. Academics and artists will share their ideas from different perspectives, explore the current ‘framing’ and recent developments.

Free entrance. Registration for workshops/symposium (still open for registration) and registration for the Pre-screening (fully booked!) is required.

Starting November 23rd 2015 | Roeterseiland Campus B/C


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